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Do I need insurance?

You need to insure against losses or events beyond your control, so to avoid being financially devastated. Insurance can place you back in the position that you were in, prior to the loss incurred.

What does “insurable interest” mean?

You can only insure goods/assets where you have a legal and financial interest or a relation whereby you benefit by reimbursement after an insured peril or event.

What is SASRIA?

Sasria (underwritten by South African Special Risks Association) is the insurance that affects cover for riots/ strikes/ civil commotion/ unrest, whether politically motivated or not

How much must I insure my vehicle for?

We recommend insuring a vehicle based on the listed retail value. However the Insured has to verify the correctness regarding the model, condition and extras on the vehicle so that this value can be updated annually on renewal.

What is the difference between the retail and market value of my vehicle?

The retail value is the dealer’s floor price (selling price) based on the year, model, condition and mileage of the vehicle. The market value is the average between the retail and trade-in value. The retail value is the higher value.

Who reviews the vehicle value and when?

Your contract will have an annual review month where we account for the depreciated value during the review meeting or written communication, whichever is preferred by the client.

Why would extra security be required on my vehicle?

Theft is unfortunate, but a very real part of our lives. Extra security may minimize or prevent vehicle theft and the inconvenience thereof.

What is business or private use on a vehicle?

If your vehicle is used for any form of business, even occasionally, it can be construed by the Insurer to be used for business.

Must I inform my Broker or Insurer of extras installed on my vehicle?

All extras or improvements, with their value, should be mentioned if you require cover thereof. Engine modifications without notification will make your insurance invalid.

Do I have car hire?

This cover is available and will offer you a hired vehicle whilst your own vehicle is being repaired, following an accident, or if your vehicle has been stolen.  Please enquire about this cover.

What is the impact of a No Claim Bonus (NCB)? (Also known as Claims Free Group – CFG)

This is a discount on the premium benefit which is earned for not claiming over a period of time.

What is Average?

The condition of “Average” applies to many classes of insurance and briefly stated, means that should property be insured for a sum insured less than the full value of the property at the time of loss/damage, any claim made will be settled according to the ratio that the sum insured bears to the full value of the property.” It is therefore of great importance that the sum insured should accurately reflect the full new-for-old replacement value of the property and should take account of any likely cost increases in the current period of insurance.

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